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Boho, bohemian, boho chic and many other words describe a fashion style influenced by bohemians and hippies. By definition boho chic is all about loose fitting clothes in lots of colors and patterns. Layering is an important part of the boho look along with accessories. One must remember that the boho look in not complete without few rings and a headband. Here at Pomona and Peach we're passionate about fashion in general and boho chic in particular. What's a better way for someone to express themselves than putting together their own, one of a kind ensemble. To get you started, we're list our boho favorites that will look great and not break the bank. If you're new here, take advantage of our VIP club. You'll get 20% off on your entire first order. The club is free and gives you access to special offers, private sales and many more (the sign up form is at the bottom of the main page). Here's our list:


1. Casual Mini Dress ($19): a simple yet makes a strong fashion statement, this casual mini dress means business. Made from super comfortable material and has a loose fit, makes a great foundation for your boho look. 


off-shoulder floral maxi red black dress 2. Off-Shoulder Floral Maxi ($24): what's more boho than than a maxi dress? Off-shoulder with side slits featuring floral design. Comes in red, dark red and blue 


boho tube top red multicolor 3. Boho Tube Top ($10): beautiful top that can be worn on its own or layered with a mesh crop top. Features floral and geometric pattern.


4. Floral T-Shirt ($14): this long sleeve shirt has ornate floral print and very popular with our customers. This is a great shirt for enjoying breezy summer nights.


Roll up sleeve floral top white red blue black 5. Roll Up Sleeve Floral Top ($14): cute shirt with floral boho chic print. Comes in multiple colors, white, black with white florals, black with green florals and red.

black mess floral crop top

6. Flower Embroidery Mesh Crop Top ($16): a perfect companion to any top, serves as top layer over another shirt. Featuring beautiful embroidered flowers.




Cute Print Short White Elephant 7. Cute Print Short ($14): cute, just like the name! These shorts have an elephant print and geometric designs. Very bohemian and very comfortable for all day.


Floral Pink Dark Blue Bow Knot Shorts 8. Floral with Bowknot Shorts ($18): we love shorts, and we love these shorts a lot. The bowknot in the front makes them look very elegant, and they're still shorts!

Ruffle Maxi Skirt Blue Red White 9. Maxi Skirt with Ruffle ($29): a maxi skirt with geometric print is quintessential boho chic. The length, color, loose fit and print makes this a must have for a boho look.





Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat With Bowknot 10. Wide Brim Felt Fedora ($11): when it comes to pulling off a boho look it's a must to accessorize. This hat is the perfect companion to any boho ensemble. With a bowknot and 10 different colors, you can find your favorite color.



Boho Bohemian Leaf Hair Chain11. Bohemian Leaf Hair Chain ($6): this is the accessory for your if you don't like hats. It has a delicate look with leaves in gold color.





Boho Stone Ring Set 10 pieces Silver Emerald12. Boho Stone Ring Set 10pcs ($6): this set of 10 rings is great addition to your accessory collection. Can be worn with many different outfits. Goes great with everything.



Hand Painted Beaded Sandals13. Hand Painted Beaded Sandals ($25): these sandals come in a variety of colors. They're encrusted with gems to match your accessories or stand out on their own.





Did you we miss one of your favorites? Do you have other ideas to share with everyone? Feel free to add them to the comments section below.


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