About Us

Women Empowerment:

Our vision for the future.

I used to think that fashion was all about threads and shiny buttons until I saw the faces of the people who wore the big name brands. Sure, they were decked out with prestige, but on the inside there was something missing. They didn't have a message. At Pomona and Peach, we look beyond the accessories and focus on the individual, because the world is changing and women need to be strong. If you've ever played chess, you know that when the king is taken, the game is over. But what piece is the most powerful of all? The Queen.

Self esteem is the greatest asset anyone can have. We are the sum of our thoughts, the master of our ships, and the producers of our own lives. Your perspective governs the reality in which you live. I have a theory and my theory is that when you wear something trendy, and you smell amazing, more than likely your going to feel good inside, and having that new sense of positivity you'll begin to attract positive things because your thoughts are positive. That's the law of attraction. Doesn't that sound peachy? (no pun intended). Be yourself, be free, and make clothing come to life.