Don't Hold Back Your Leggings

Leggings? Where do we begin? So many options, colors, designs, prints, length, size and much more. How Do you make sense of it all? Is what good for running is good for yoga? What's a must have? What to avoid? Are low price leggings any good?


The size is right

Yes, we can sit here all day and hit you with questions but we're not going to do that (we're nice people). Why would you wear leggings? Comfort! You probably knew that already. We can't stress enough how more comfortable it is to do *anything* in leggings. Leggings that fit you well have a way of "staying out of your way" and freeing you to do whatever. Squats? check! Running? check! 30 minutes spin class? check! yoga? check! and most importantly, relaxing? check! To get the best fit you need to know your measurements, recent measurements. A woman's body changes month over month so a pair that didn't fit before fits now. Find your tape measure and write down your measurements, at least your hips and waist. Check our size chart to see what's your size. Keep in mind leggings are typically made from stretchy fabrics so they're forgiving when it comes to size.


Material girl

Now that you know your size let's talk fabrics. Most leggings you see today are made from mostly synthetic materials. Materials such as spandex, polyester or nylon (not so common). Others are made from natural fibers such as cotton. Ultimately, the best leggings are made from a blend of materials, this you way you get the best properties from each material. These types of materials do not compromise on stretching (think squatting) or breathability (think running). They have excellent range of motion and they stay in place during intense activity. Some even flatter your body and quickly become your favorite pair. Some honorable mentions come to mind are leather, denim, patent leather and wool. While not perfect for exercising some tend to look great. They might need a little bit more care though.


Find the one

Now that you know what material and size you want it's the fun part. Picking out a color or print pattern. This is where leggings shine! They come in so many colors and print patterns. Let's start by saying that you need a black pair. Chances are you have at least on of them in your closet somewhere. We offer a great deal on a 2-pack to give your old pair a rest!

2 Leggings black and grey

For fans of boho fashion let's inspire you with this pair "Ornate Print Leggings".

Ornate print leggings

If you're looking for a print leggings then look no more to the "Camo High Waist Leggings".

Camo high waist leggings

The "Grey and Pink Trim Sports Leggings" is very popular with our customers, read the reviews!

Grey and Pink Trim Sports Leggings

These are just few examples that we adore and our customers love. There are more to pick from in the leggings category, look around and fall in love with a pair or 2.


Final note, 

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Thanks for reading! Love, Pomona and Peach


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